Thursday, November 5, 2009

In The Rockies

Well, not the valley of the Rockies, is more like it.

I will never, ever, EVER again in my life take a Greyhound bus.  I'm telling you what, the 22 hours I spent on two different buses was enough to tell me that even if I don't like flying that much, it is the way better option.  Totally.  It was loud, people were rude, it smelled funny, and at night, it was impossible to sleep.  That could have been just because the second bus was the oldest Greyhound I'd ever seen.  It still doesn't explain why they felt the need to keep a bus that vibrates so badly that when you lay your head back, your teeth chatter.

I arrived this morning at 6 AM, after an exhausting night of hardly any sleep and also, no sleep the night before.  I caught a few hours of sleep from Phoenix to Albuquerque but not much, due to the cramped space.  I am a person who likes to spread out, and it wasn't possible because I had a seat mate, and he was holding a 6 month old for quite a bit of that time.  He was really nice, though, and so was his wife.  She was reading Twilight, which was odd because I was reading New Moon.  :)  I made friends, yay!  But, we never exchanged names.  I know, 7 hours on a bus with two people and we never told our names.  Oh well.

First thing I did when I stepped off the bus in Denver was sneeze my brains out.  I'm not sure why this is, but it was like insta-flu.  Then I remembered that my friend here, Alisha, also has a cat.  Cats and I don't get along.  They practically kill me.  She said that her cat is mostly an outdoor cat, but their dander gets on everything no matter how much they're inside.  Right now I'm not sure if it's because I'm over tired and stressed that I'm sick, or if it's the cat.  I suppose I'll find out tomorrow morning when I wake up.  If I have snot running down my face I'll know it's the cat; if I don't, it was just because my immune system was slacking.

So anywho, I will be job hunting tomorrow and also going through an online orientation for college.  Yep, I'm enrolling in school again.  I'm going into psychology for an Associate's Degree.  I think it will help with my writing career, and plus, I'll be able to get a decent job (not great paying or anything) being a counselor or what not once I finish it.  I've always been interested in the way minds work, anyway, so I think it will be fun no matter what.  It'll be way better than the business management degree I was studying for.  Hardly any math!  WOO HOO!

Now that I have access to my laptop and my computer, though, I'll have oh-so-much more time to read everyone's blogs again!  YAY!  I'm actually excited because I've missed laying in bed at night catching up with everyone.  :)  I'm not starting tonight though, as I'm so completely drained of energy I just drooled on the keyboard. 

I'm officially a resident of Colorado. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A palm tree. Something I won't see once I leave the desert behind. Instead, I'll be up to my neck in snow. Hello, soggy socks!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dag Nabbit

Okay, okay, I'm STILL NOT IN COLORADO!  >:(  GRRR!  But it seems like things keep holding me back here for  reason, because I got a lot accomplished in the weeks that I've been waiting.  But it is definitely happening Wednesday, because I got my ticket. 

Basically, the last week has flown by.  It hasn't been a hard week or anything, either.  I'm glad for that.  Chris and I have been getting along well still and he even took me to the fair on Halloween.  It was pretty fun.  Our friend came along with us, then we drank some later that night and watched scary movies.  Basically the plan is going completely astray from what was originally decided.  My friend was supposed to be driving down here, stay a weekend, then we were driving back.  Instead, I'm taking a Greyhound there, then coming back Thanksgiving weekend with her to pick up the rest of my crap, staying the weekend, and then driving back to Colorado.  I know, confusing and a lot of driving.  However, I'd rather do it this way than spend another two weeks waiting for her to get time off again.  Plus...Chris actually told me he would like it if I came here for Thanksgiving.  I know, I know.  Bad idea.  I'm just hoping we stay on good terms and can be friends.

I apologize again for not keeping up with everyone.  It's hard to do so due to the lack of internet access.  It makes me feel guilty because I know a lot of you read and comment every time I blog but never get one in return.  Rest assured, I will be back to normal scheduling soon.  Hopefully.  I actually got a promising job offer (nanny position) so I'm crossing my fingers that will work out when I get there.

In other news- I just read Stephanie's blog and SHE FOUND AN AGENT!  How fricken awesome is that?!?!  I'm jealous as hell, but she deserves it so much!  I'm excited for her.  :)  So if you get a chance, swing by her blog and tell her congrats!

Cooper and Beauty will be living with Chris for the next couple weeks, and when I come back they will make the 13 hour journey back with us.  I'm hoping they take it okay.  They will basically be locked in my bedroom though, because my friend has a dog and I'm not sure how that would work out.  I'm going to be investing in a dog pen and tossing their cage as well, so they won't be locked in all the time.  I feel terrible having to take them away from this environment, but there's not much else I can do. 

So, that's my update for now.  I will try to get back to reading all of my subscriptions soon.  Seems like I would have a lot of time on my hands when I'm not working, but I've been busy as hell.  Stay with me and I promise you'll enjoy my coming blogs- I'm sure my adventures in a small Colorado town are going to be worth the wait!