Friday, November 25, 2011

The Holidays

Aren't they so much fun?  Spending money, rushing to get things done, seeing family you are glad you only see once a year, cooking way more than you'd like; really, they are a joy.

Actually, I enjoy them for the most part.  I love Christmas decorations, I love Christmas movies, I love snow- for about five minutes, until I'm cold or have to drive in it.  This will be my second Christmas back in Michigan, and also with Trav.  This year, however, will be the first Christmas we're both expected to participate in each other's families Christmas get togethers.  This is proving to be a problem for both of us.

You see, I took on a third shift job at a hotel this summer.  It was supposed to be a two night a week gig, and therefore, no real problem for us.  Well, unfortunately fate took a turn for the full-time night auditor, and she left me with a full-time job that is costing me a lot, even though the big paychecks have been nice.  For one, I lost my insurance.  I make too much now, but since I'm not considered a full-time employee (I'm considered temporary for the company) I can't get insurance through work.  I like how companies can do that, don't you?  So the state took away my benefits, and didn't offer me any options to pay, like they claim they have available.  My health is suffering considerably because of this. 

Second, I never get to spend time with my boyfriend.  We live together, so you would think it wouldn't be THAT HARD to get time together.  Oh no.  You see, boyfriend plays in a band, and has his son two nights a week now.  He also works at 7 AM, which is when I get OFF work, and we share a vehicle.  He takes me to work at night- a pain for him since I start at 11 PM and he has to get up at 5:30 AM- and then I take the bus home in the morning.  I try to get to sleep as soon as I can, which is around 10 AM most times, since I have to wind down and do stuff around the house, so I end up sleeping until he gets home.  It seems like that would give us time together.  Not so much.  He has band practice, so one night a week he leaves as soon as he gets home, doesn't get home until 10.  On Tuesdays his son stays the night- I have to request this as one of my nights off, since I don't have a ride in.  No alone time.  Also, his son takes over the house- literally- and gets to choose what movie we have on, has all of his toys spread out, ten art projects going on, and demands the attention of my boyfriend every time we start a conversation.  There goes one of my nights off.  The other nights we have together, he passes out by 7 (to get a nap in before he takes me to work), and I have to tip toe around him.  My other random night off is either A) a week night such as this, where he passes out early and I'm left up by myself, or B) a night he plays a show.  You can imagine how much "quality time" we get together on those nights: Zip.

The holidays are here.  We already had to miss Thanksgiving.  Technically, he could have gone to his family's, but he didn't want to leave me at home alone.  I had to work, you see, so I slept til two in the afternoon.  Dinner was at one.  I kept telling him to go, but he wouldn't.  Thanksgiving isn't a huge deal for me, but I know his mother makes a big event out of all holidays.  Love the woman to death, but she smothers us sometimes. 

We had lasagna hamburger helper for dinner, made spiked egg nog, and watched football.

I'm dreading Christmas.  I keep telling my boss that I don't mind working, but I can't keep working this full-time position without benefits for a prolonged period.  He is very laidback, and it's nice in some ways, but in this situation, it's hindering EVERYONE at work.  Day shifters are being forced to cover my nights, and that is hard on them.  I have to request any Saturdays my boyfriend plays off, so of course they hold it against me that I get a lot of Saturdays off (which was a part of the deal to begin with, since my boss was aware of my ride situation and why I took the Sunday/Monday night shifts).  The full-time auditor has been off work for over a month because of a medical situation and is getting medical leave pay, so she hasn't said when she'll be back, but she won't be coming back to work.  I know this because she friended me on Facebook, and she's blatantly stated she will miss her job, but her problems (cancerous growths all over her liver) will take months and months to shrink and there's no telling how she will feel during treatment.  My boss needs to take action and lay her off, find another night auditor, and fix our scheduling problems.  He won't, though- he doesn't like confrontation.

Therefore, this holiday is going to be a wreck.  I have about ten Christmases to attend and ZERO time.  I am only allowed Christmas Eve or Christmas Day off.  Both of our families have things going on both days.  He has to take his son to his parents, but I'd like to see my family.  It's very confusing and crazy, and I am almost sorry I even have a job.  I know- ungrateful.  There are so many people that would love a full-time job and here I am, complaining; but it's making me unhappy, and it's making my boyfriend unhappy, and I'm not sure I'm willing to sacrifice both of our happiness to keep a job.  After Christmas, I'm asking to have three days off a week.  I know it's inconvenient to the rest of my coworkers, but they're getting paid way more and get benefits.  I don't.  I wasn't even given holiday pay for Labor Day or Thanksgiving, and wasn't asked if I wanted them off.  I'm the new girl so I haven't complained much.  I expected some bull crap.  This is just a bit much.

I just want this season to be over.