Saturday, October 10, 2009

Great evening for a ball game. The desert heat has finally gone for the most part and we'll have great weather until December, when it will get a little chilly.

Just A Night In

I want to start out by saying a loud THANK YOU to Lisa at The Blonde Blogette for nominating ME for an award!  Woo hoo!!!  It represents the friendships we start in networking through blogs, and I just want to say that I'm glad to have received this because-

I've made more girl friends on here in the last couple months than I have in life in 24 years.  Seriously.  I love ALL of you!!  I cherish the friendships we build through comments and reading each other's blogs.  It's almost like I really know you guys sometimes, and for that, I'm thankful.  Otherwise, I might go insane at some points in time.  Again, thanks Lisa!

I'm usually the type to pick and choose who I nominate; however this time, I'm nominating all of my followers because otherwise I wouldn't be here.  Thanks, guys.  You mean the WORLD to me!

OKAY, onto other things...

I had a pretty boring day.  Per usual.  HOWEVER!  I did get a response from an employer that I submitted my resume to requesting more information after I sent it in.  So I'm sort of excited.  It's just a receptionist for a dental office, but that's WAY better than where I'm at right now.  I have to work tomorrow, and I'm sort of dreading it because...I just don't like working there anymore.  :(  I never thought I would say that.  But after finding out they totally overlooked me, hired someone without even talking to me about the position, and now expect me to work all of the crappy hours (i.e. closing!), I'm just fed up.  Chris said he wouldn't even bother going in for my four hour shift tomorrow.  I really don't want to, but I need to leave on good terms if I'm going to.  It's the one job I have credentials with here in Phoenix that reach beyond just a temporary position.  I can already tell tomorrow is going to suck, though.  Ugh.

I've been on a bunny binge lately.  I'm a rabbit-aholic, you could say.  I don't know why, but looking at pictures of cute rabbits just makes me grin from ear to ear and it always cheers me up.  I had a pretty rotten day yesterday and cried almost the entire morning (just stress) but then after Chris got home I got online finally and there was a new post from lolbunnies and I just started going through all the pictures.  THEY'RE JUST RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. 

Tell me, you don't want one.  Really.  Even if it is just to squeeze and love and kiss and cuddle for a day.  You want one.  I adopted my two bunnies Cooper and Beauty.  I picked Beauty, because she was the oldest rabbit at the Humane Society.  She then chose Cooper.  So, I didn't raise them from babies.  I don't really believe in buying baby bunnies...Same for dogs and cats.  Why pay for animals when there are so many that need to be rescued?  Those ASPCA commercials make me cry every damn time.  I can't help it.  I want to go and adopt all of them.  In fact, my ex and I once talked about opening up a shelter where we used to live in Michigan just for small pets and birds because there wasn't one in our area.  Of course it didn't happen, but I would LOVE to do that.  I'm really only allergic to cats, horses, and hamsters, so I think I could do it.  I'd just need a place to start.  Anywho, Chris got home tonight and I showed him this place I found online:  Yes, you read that right.  It is a networking site for none other than: THE MOST ADORABLE FURBALLS TO EVER HOP THE EARTH.  And I joined it for my own buns.  It's kinda ridiculous but cute.  I scrolled through pictures and laughed and then saw the Rainbow Bridge page, which is for bunnies who have passed on- and it made me sad.  I then looked at the adoptables page and got to thinking about how I wanted to adopt another rabbit when I can afford it and give it a good home.

At first, when I kept saying, "Oh you want one of these!  I know it!" he just shook his head and said, "No."  Several times, in fact.  Then, I showed him this rabbit that is in the shelter twenty miles from us, and read the description, he didn't say no.

His name is Mr. O'Reilley.  He is 9 years old, and his owner passed away and he lost his home.  So now he is in this shelter, and needs a good home.  This breaks my heart.  The whole reason I chose Beauty is because she is almost 6 and I couldn't stand it if she just sat there, waiting for someone to adopt her.  Let's face it- most people don't want a 6 year old rabbit.  People want cute baby bunnies.  And that is sad.  So it really broke my heart to know this 9 year old rabbit may die in a shelter and without real love and attention.

CHRIS AGREED that we could adopt him.  I couldn't believe it.  We have space for another rabbit.  We have an empty spare room to put them in.  They'd even have their own bathroom (haha).  The older rabbit would just need his own cage.  He is a special needs rabbit (because of his age and an ear that apparently has acute infections), and I'm up for taking care of him.  Earlier in the summer Cooper developed an eye cold and it was oozing and watering a lot so we took him to the vet, where they gave us medicine for it.  But I was the one that had to put it in his eye everyday.  He is developing eye cataracts, which means he will probably go blind.  :(  But, I love him.  I love my bunnies.  Even though they are old and had previous owners and had bad habits before they came here (well, Beauty is a saint- but Cooper...bad boy), they are my babies.  And adding an addition would only make me feel better.

I emailed the shelter for more information and to see if Mr. O'Reilley is still there, and we are waiting to hear back.  I'm kinda crossing my fingers because I know that with as chill as my rabbits are, they'd welcome a new bunny.  They had never seen each other before I got them, but they bonded instantly.  So, we'll see what happens.  I'm off to bed for now.  :)  Happy weekend!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Hit A Home Run

I was reading some humorous blogs tonight...Just to kill some time and possibly make me tired, inbetween watching The Nanny Diaries and listening to my boyfriend yell at the video game is is playing.  One of them I found particularly hilarious just because it was an awkward first-time-having-sex story.  I love those.  Let me repeat: I love those.  From this point forward, if you do not want to hear the details of someone's sex life, I recommend turning around because I have some pretty good sex stories.

I lost my virginity at a relatively young age.  I'm not exactly proud of it, but, I was in love with the guy and we were together for over two years, so I don't fret over it.  Anyhow.  After said first boyfriend, I dated a few different guys.  No, I didn't sleep with all of them.  Just...a couple.  And I was confused and lost and kind of in a bad place at that time, so again, I'm not proud, but I don't regret.  So, the first guy I dated after the first guy I slept with (wow, that wasn't confusing- we'll call him ex A) happened to have two younger brothers.  And we all love younger brothers.  I know I love mine!  At this time, they were just...pains in the ass though. 

All of the brothers had their own rooms.  Ex A had the largest- he was the oldest, of course, so it made some sense.  He had a huge waterbed, and I had a couple bad experiences on that thing- from getting motion sickness my first night in it to water spraying out unexpectedly.  The one that comes to my mind more clearly, though, is the night of the attack.  We were, eh know, doing the horizontal polka, very discreetly, and suddenly- the door flies open.  I have no idea what to do, so I quickly wrap the blanket completely around me and pray nothing shows.  Ex A does the same thing with a sheet, and starts yelling at his brothers to get the hell out, obviously.  However, they had a different agenda.

Suddenly, I have two little kids jumping on top of me, trying to rip the blanket off me.  Unless Ex A wants all of his glory to be hanging around, he can't exactly stop it- so I'm on my own, with Ex A yelling at the top of his lungs.  The hellions succeeded- they managed to get part of the blanket off of me while I screamed at them to get the fuck off of me.  They laughed and giggled like crazy little boys and ran out of the room.  I couldn't believe it.  Ex A then sat down and said, "I need a new lock."  Yep.  You sure do.  Later, he added a deadbolt, no joke.  That experience lead to our demise, I'm sure, because how was I supposed to face his family, knowing that all of the boys had seen my Fantasyland?

Ex B came a few months later.  About six months into our relationship, we were bored.  This is the same ex I talked about in a previous blog on my bad luck with vehicles.  He is the one that rolled his truck straight into a tree trying to sneak me out of his house at 7 AM.  After that incident, we became pretty creative with places to get our freak on.  Including using my high school's baseball field.  And football field, not long after that. 

One night, we crept around behind the school in his truck and looked around to see if the night person was to be seen.  He wasn't.  There were no vehicles around, so we ran across the football field, to the baseball dugout, and we climbed on top, with our blanket.  We laughed hysterically for a while, then eventually we got our heads back and decided to get the heck out of dodge.  At this time, my brother was playing summer league baseball, and they had a game either the next day or the day after.  I brought my friend along with me and my mom to watch the game.  We set up our fold out chairs and started to watch the game.  Until there was a yell from a mom just down the way from us.  We started eavesdropping, and I suddenly realized...the mom was yelling about her kid picking up a disgusting specimen from behind the dugout.  OH, CRAP.  I tried to keep a straight face, and my friend was laughing hysterically because it was the funniest thing ever to know someone had actually had sex out there. 

Later on, I told my friend it was me and Ex B, and she didn't believe me until Ex B blurted out the story during a party one night.  She was proud of me.  So was everyone else.  We became a legend.  Right before school started that same summer, we had an experience on the football field and the night person.  The sprinklers not only turned on while we were on the field, but the night person had apparently hidden his truck and saw us running to Ex B's truck.  After that the school grounds were off-limits because they had two night people and it was impossible to get around them in such a small space.  I have the memories, though.  *Evil laugh*

My Google Game

1. Your Favorite beverage:

I really don't have a favorite beverage...I drink a lot of Powerade and Sobe water, but other than that, I don't have anything on a regular basis that I drink.  BUT- I do love Vernors ginger ale.  YUM!  But, we don't have it out here.  :( 

2. Your hometown

Traverse City, MI
This isn't my first hometown.  That place was the size of a peanut.  Traverse is the place I call home because it's where I've spent most of my adult life and where I'd move back to if I could afford it.  :)

3. Your favorite TV show

One word: obsessed.  I finished the first three season in about two weeks and I'm not going to miss a single episode of season four.  You can count on that.  I find him, as a character, completely sexy.  I don't even know why.

4. Your Occupation/You are in school for

I Googled several different things for this one, but nothing hit my fancy. 
Nothing came up for: bored sales associate, disgruntled retail employee,
unhappy girl at work, or girl not getting the position she deserves.
5. Your first car

The car behind these people is EXACTLY like my first car.  :)  It was a little box and looked nerdy, but it went FAST (thanks to a rebuilt and modified engine).  I never had any problems with it- until someone backed over top of the hood in 2004.  :( 

6. Your favorite dish

I almost started crying when I looked this up.  STUFFED GREEN PEPPERS!  They look SOOOO delicious right now, I want one.  My mommy used to make these for my birthday every year, and since I moved to Phoenix I've made them once.  They weren't as good as my mom's.  But they are tasty! 

7. Celebrity you've been told to resemble

Ew.  I know, right?  This is a complete joke, but back when I had short black hair and wore pink eye shadow, my cousin told my mom that this guy, Gerard Way, looked exactly like me but a guy.  ?!?!  I was grossed out.  He's in the band My Chemical Romance and I despise them, for the most part.

And obviously I don't look like her, but an ex once told me that I did look like Alicia Silverstone.  Of course, I used to have long blonde hair and weighed about 30 pounds less than I do now, but hey, I was flattered.

8. Celebrity on your "to do" list

Sans facial hair.  Leonardo DiCaprio...mmm mmmmm.  He has only gotten sexier with age, thank God.  But I'm pretty sure I was having X-rated thoughts about him when I was only in 6th grade.  They have just intensifed since.

9. Favorite Childhood toy

I never really had a favorite toy because I was too busy drawing and painting and coloring, but I had a collection of Trolls anyone would be jealous of.  I also have an entire collection of Care Bears, still, but I couldn't find a picture of them.  I hear if you rub Trolls' tummies it brings good luck.  :)

10. Any Random picture

LMAO!  When I saw this it cheered me up immensely because today is kinda...icky.  But it goes along with Stephanie's bunny picture.  I tried to find a picture of my bunnies with something on their heads but apparently I never uploaded them.  So here.  Laugh.  Look at his chubby cheeks!  I wanna rub them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In A State of...Blah

Yesterday was probably the most boring day ever for me.  I didn't get online, I didn't read any blogs, I didn't write any blogs, and I didn't get on Facebook.  I spent four hours trying to call Arizona's DES (Department of Economic Services) because my caseworker never returned any of my (five) messages.  I'll have to agree with Stephanie on this one- maybe we shouldn't allow the government take care of our health insurance.

I get my coverage through the state, because I make almost minimum wage and work less than 15 hours a week.  I rarely have anything bad to say about DES because I don't have to deal with them but once every three months.  However, this time I am very, very disappointed in their work.  My caseworker called me a week and a half ago, left a message, and I called back, literally, one minute later because my phone never rang.  I left two messages that day.  She didn't call back.  I called the next day, and she didn't call back.  Yesterday, I had to call the FAA Communications Center to report this because otherwise, I'll lose my benefits, which means I won't have any medication (for asthma, kidneys, or bipolar disorder) and we also won't be eating. 

The first thing I did when I woke up was try to contact DES.  The phone just kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing.  I called the FAA number after about fifty tries to DES, and told them my situation.  The lady then said I was calling the wrong number and gave me a new number, told me she was going to email my caseworker and let her know the situation, and that I should keep trying to get a hold of her.  She gave me the wrong offices number.  I technically live in Phoenix- that's the area code I'm in.  However, if I cross the street, I'm in Glendale, and the nearest office is just a couple miles up the road, so they directed my case there.  Instead of looking to see which office I've been appointed to, she gave me the number for the office that is for my area code, usually, which is pretty far away.  I was really mad at this point, because if she said she was emailing the office that handles my case, and it is directed to my caseworker, chances are, this email is going to never get to my caseworker because she ISN'T AT THAT OFFICE.

All day long I tried both numbers.  I used 300 minutes of my plan, leaving me 400 for the rest of the month.  I'm not really happy.  I set my alarm to wake me up early, and I called first thing this morning.  The office number was still just ringing, and ringing, and doesn't even give me to option to leave a message for any extensions!  I was so mad.  I finally got through at around noon today, left a message, and it's been two hours.  I know these people are busy, but there is no reason not to answer the office phone.  All the illegals in the office can wait to be helped while you help a citizen that actually pays taxes, thank you.

(Okay, while writing this I called again.  It rang ten times, someone answered the phone, and they put me on hold.  NICE!)

I'm just really frustrated because they ask you to give all of this information before the 12th of the month, and if you don't, you basically lose everything and have to start over.  I can't afford for this to happen.  The only thing I have to mail in are paycheck stubs, but when I transfered stores, they never completed all of the paperwork (how responsible) so my paycheck stubs are lost somewhere.  At work I've kept on my manager's case about finding them because I need them, and she finally located them, but they won't be here til Friday.  Which means, by the time I mail them, and DES receives them, my case will probably be closed, and I'll have to apply all over again, and the process can take up to 45 days.  I just can't wait that long.

What really bugs me about this is that most of the people that work in these offices, do not have educations after high school.  I mean, the caseworkers usually go to school to do so, but the people answering phones and running the counter?  No.  They don't.  So why can't they hire a few more people to man the phones while a few others run the counter and take ticket numbers from the illegals?  This baffles me.  I would gladly sit there and answer phones as a job.  I need a full time job.  That's the whole reason I'm even getting help from them in the first place.

I've only been to the offices twice.  The first office I was at was awful.  I had to be there at 7 for an appointment, and the office doesn't open until, 7.  My stepmom dropped me off that time, and when we pulled up to this office, there was already a line wrapped around the building (all of them, Mexican), and there were thirty kids running around screaming.  Once inside it was worse.  I couldn't believe it.  I tried to be patient, read my book, and understand that this is what DES does, but I sat there for two hours, while all of these people that spoke NO English were helped first because, well, THEY DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH.

The office I deal with now isn't much difference, except they have an area to wait in if you have kids.  So, the adults without kids can wait in peace and quiet, while the parents with kids get to wait in a loud smelly room.  I enjoyed that part.  They moved quickly, too.  If you were just dropping off information, you stood in line, gave them your paperwork, and that is it.  The only problem is, NO ONE IS EVER AT THE COUNTER TO ANSWER THE PHONE.  Are the people that call not as important because they aren't up there waiting?  No, we are people that have lives and actually do have work and things to do, they just have a quick question but it will NEVER get answered because no one knows how to use a phone around there.  Sheesh.

Anyhow, it's just a wreck.  The government is a wreck.  Over 25 MILLION dollars was given to illegals in food stamps and cash assistance last year in Arizona, and we are now in a serious deficit.  They decreased the amount of services for EVERYONE because of this, so those of us who pay taxes to get this help when we need it no longer get as much.  I'm not a political person, but when it deal with this sort of thing, I will easily argue and bitch and moan about it.

I'm spending the rest of my day doing the same thing as yesterday.  I'm not excited.  On top of that, the Blackberry I gave Chris in December is acting up, and not letting him use the menu or answer text messages.  I called to see how much it would be to replace it, since we have insurance, and it's 90 bucks.  I won't complain about the cost because it's better than paying full price, but we just don't have that kind of money right now.  Which means if his phones dies, he won't have a phone.  And I'm not comfortable with that right now.  I don't keep constant tabs on him, but it is nice to text him a question and have him answer, or he'll let me know if he's going to be late. 

My blogs are getting increasingly longer and I apologize for that.  So much going on in my head though!  AHHHH!  Anyway, I'll attempt to read and comment as much as I can today, but don't hold it against me if I don't get to you.  I don't expect you to read all this either, lol. 

Have a good day, readers!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Letter of Doom

I am supposed to be working on a letter to my manager and district manager about being given the consideration for a promotion.  I finally got the nerve last week to talk to my store manager about it, and she didn't say much when I told her my thoughts on it.  I don't think she wants to promote me, and it makes me really mad.  She hasn't even taken the time to get to know me since I've transferred to her store.  She doesn't want to work with me on anything, and she doesn't give me any responsibilities.  She is the one that told me most sales associates show no interest in wanting to be promoted; I think she just ignores them.

All in all, I've had no problems working in my new environment.  It's more fast-paced than the other store I worked at, so there is more to do and less time to fill with unnecessary projects, and I like it that way.  Only, for sales associates, if it is slow, there is literally nothing for us to do.  Our manager just doesn't want to give us any work, so the hours can drag by and it makes work dull.  I want more to do.  I'm interested in being a manager.  I watched the part-time assistant yesterday and she was nonstop busy.  She had things to do.  Reports to send in.  Damages to send out.  People to call.  Emails to write.  What did I do?  I stood around.  About three hours after being there I had cleaned the entire store and refolded 1200 shirts and that's about all there is to do for an associate.  They don't challenge us, yet they say the associates are the ones that show no interest?  Right.

So, this letter I'm going to write is going to represent the reasons why I think I should be given a chance.  I want to point out all the things I already know, the very small list of things they really have to teach me (since I was already a keyholder), and the things they have to lose.  NOTHING.  They have nothing to lose.  No one has applied for the part-time assistant because no one in this area has manager experience.  I DO!  AND I ALREADY WORK FOR THE COMPANY!  Ugh!  Just give me a chance.  If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.  But I know I'll do great.

I can't get started on the letter.  I'm at a blank.  I don't want it to sound corny, and I don't want to praise myself too much.  I just want to make it understood that I am willing to accept the responsibility and the opportunity and I'm serious about it.  But when I've already told them that, in person, and they didn't give two shits, how am I supposed to do that in my proposal letter? 

I'll probably start writing, and see what comes out, then go from there.  At least I'll have something to work with and edit.  Maybe ideas will start popping up once I'm on a roll.

The Parking Lot Throwdown

Saturday was Chris's softball game, and as I said before, he decided to invite D and J, the girls I've been suspicious of.  Chris is a little naive.  I don't know why, either, because he's a smart guy.  But that's the problem- he's a guy.  He doesn't get why I act "jealous."  It's not jealousy.  It's that I know these girls are up to know good.

Anyway, I played nice.  And I really tried to be nice.  I tried to talk to them, and engage in their conversation; they just didn't want to include me.  Why?  They were trying to manipulate me into starting a fight with Chris.  Yes, yes.  These are 19 year old girls here.  They will try anything to get more attention for themselves by making another person look bad.  They didn't succeed.  At the softball game, J left about ten minutes into the game and D stayed alone to watch.  I tried to talk to her.  But she was glued to her phone.  I left her alone after that, and enjoyed myself.  I like all the people on the team, so I just talked to them and cheered and clapped, blah blah blah.  I had fun.  I told D she could sit on my blanket, and she did.  And I saw that she had a camera, and the flash was going off every couple minutes.  She wanted to take pictures, whatever.  I didn't think anything of it.

Then I walked over to take a drink of my water, and saw what she was taking pictures of and recording.  It was the softball game.  It was just Chris.  She was recording him, walking around behind the fence, not doing anything.  I was a little bit weirded out, so I stood behind her the rest of the game, and I think she got the hint that I knew what she was doing.  After the game they came back to our place, and Chris and I had planned to drink a couple beers, but suddenly it became, "Let's get trashed!"  Except for D, who is "expecting" apparently.  I don't wanna get into that ordeal.  So she didn't drink.  But she helped in the drinking games.  Chris and I give each other a lot of shit and pick on each other and call each other names and stuff, and it's just fun for us.  It's a couple thing.  But then D got involved in it, and she started making up her own rules to the drinking game, and made Chris say things that were just...really dumb and Chris was annoyed.  I didn't stop it, though, because I was just trying to get along with these girls who he apparently gets along with.  Whatever.

Chris left the room for a minute and I tried to start a conversation, and they just stared at me, or looked bored, or gave me weird looks.  I gave up.  I was feeling uncomfortable in my own home.  I finally called Sheri and asked if they wanted to kick it, just so I'd have some friends around, for support or whatever, and she and Scott were down, so we headed over there to play some beer pong and just chill.  J claimed she was the beer pong champ, but Sheri chose me to be on her team and we suck.  LOL.  Seriously.  We lost by a lot, but that was fine with me.  Sheri and I ignored the rest of the game when the girls played against Chris and Scott, and just chilled outside.  Since I told Sheri how I felt about her focusing so much on her life and not enough on caring about her family and friends' lives, she's been really cool to be around.  I think she saw how self-centered she was getting and turned it around.  I told her I just wasn't comfortable around J and D and she understood, so it was good to have her there.

She passed out right away, though.  The rest of the night I had to deal with J and her very full figure in a tube top bouncing around and her chest about popping out of her shirt the whole time.  It was gross, no offense.  If you are confident in what you are, that is fine, and more power to you.  But that doesn't mean my boyfriend and Sheri's boyfriend want to see it; they confirmed that with me today.  They weren't happy about that at all.  But Sheri and I laughed at dinner about it because, well, it's kind of sad.  Anyway, at the end of the night, J and D were talking about going to another party, and it was after two.  I wasn't down.  Chris kind of wanted to go, but he knew I wasn't okay with that.  D drove us back to the apartment once more.  On the way, Chris's phone went off in my purse, and I was like, "Who the hell is texting you at almost 3 AM?"

IT WAS D.  From the FRONT SEAT, texting Chris, saying, "After we drop your girlfriend off you should come with us to JT's party."  You know what I said?

"No, he's not going to JT's party, and why are you texting him in the same car?"  And I couldn't help it.  Word vomit came out.  Everything I had been thinking and feeling just came out.  I told her to stop trying to flirt with my boyfriend and get him away from me.  I told her she was acting like a skank and being disrespectful to me, and to Chris, by trying to start fights between us.  I finally brought up how she was video taping him all night and taking his picture, and shit hit the fan.  By the time we pulled into the parking lot, Chris and I were fighting, because he thought I was being controling, D was acting innocent and saying she didn't do anything wrong, and J was sticking up for D, of course, and trying to fight with me.

Yep.  I got out of the car, I started yelling like an imbecile, and I'm sort of embarrassed by my behavior.  I was drinking.  And I was sick of them.  They are dumb little girls, and they couldn't get that in their heads.  I am 24 years old, I don't play little games, and I don't like drama.  I really, really don't.  My life was relatively calm up until they came into the picture, and I was okay with that.  I wrote blogs about my rabbits and not-so-serious subjects.  The last week and a half has been nothing but drama, and it's because of them.

So I was mad.  I yelled at Chris, and told him he wasn't going to JT's party.  Then J, in all her busting out of her tube top glory, stepped in and got in my face, and started doing that pointing thing that little scrappers do.  You know, holding the hand in the air, pointing down with their hand in the shape of an 'L', yelling.  "Chris don't have to listen to you, bitch!  You're not his mother!"

Oh boy.  OH BOY OH BOY.  "Get your HAND out of my FACE and move."  Are you serious?  Chris at this time stepped in the way and told me to go upstairs.  D was watching from the car.  I didn't even have a problem with J.  Not really anyway.  I was having a problem with D and her sneaky little antics to be alone with my boyfriend without me in the vicinity.  NO.  I don't think so.  But J is a big girl, and of course, D let her do the fighting.  Except, J didn't realize when you stick your finger in my face and try to disrespect me, in MY home, I am NOT AFRAID of you, no matter HOW BIG YOUR CHEST IS and HOW BAD YOUR MOUTH IS.  She pushed me.  And I snapped.

I don't know if it is appropriate to write it all out, because I don't want to seem like I'm immature or like I'm some street fighter.  I'm really not.  But I let her have it.  I've been doing my kickboxing work out, and I used my jab, cross, hook, elbow thing.  ...And it did the job.  She kept going, of course, but Chris stepped in and dragged me away from going at her again, and I told them to get away from my apartment, but in a way less polite way.  Once I was upstairs, I told Chris my purse was in the parking lot still, and he had to go down, and I was mad because he was seriously going to leave with them.  I flipped out on him, and I told him if he left with them, we really were finished and I was going to get on a plane as soon as I had the money and fly back to Michigan.  I just don't have it in me anymore.

So he stayed.  And he was mad at me.  But I told him what D was doing the whole night, and she was still texting him, and he asked her point blank if she did the shit I told him, and she admitted it and explained, "I was just having fun with my new phone and camera."  Right.  He finally got the hint.  She said, "I wanted to be your friend."  Right.  He said, "I thought I wanted to be friends, but I love my girlfriend and I believe her." 

FINALLY!  FINALLY!!!  No more drama after this!!  I'm done!  Today I had to work, but I got home and he had cleaned up (for the first time in forever) and he was down to go have a BBQ with Scott and Sheri and we had fun and he laughed when I told Sheri what happened.  He was mad last night (I ripped a good shirt trying to get back to fight J I guess...) but today he was fine.  I said my apologies and we are OKAY.  It felt so good to be eating dinner and feel comfortable and relaxed for the first time in a while.  And we didn't argue at all.  And even though J and D both texted him today, he ignored them.  And I told him honestly that if he really wants to be friends with them, be friends with them, but I don't want them around me and I don't want him to be alone with D.  End.  Of.  Story.

So that was my weekend.  I have a very badly bruised elbow and a gash in my foot (uhhh don't know how), and my knuckles are bruised, but other than that, I came out unscathed.  I am just glad this is over.  :)  Okay, onto better things this week!