Friday, January 15, 2010

The New Year

So far, I'm by far WAY happier than I have been in a while.  I'm pretty sure this is due to the fact that I am no longer stressed about the holidays on top of regular life situations.  We are still strapped for cash, but doing much better.  I was able to actually get my laptop fixed, and I now have my own wireless router, which is great.  I'm no longer stealing from someone else.  :)

Still no job.  I'm not stressing about this, either, because tax season is upon us- and I will get way more in return this year than I've ever gotten, because I had the max amount taken out for ten months last year.  This means that we will have a home phone soon, and that will result in- phone calls from future employers!  YAY!  Let's all clap for this.

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been busy- and by busy I mean addicted to another internet game.  I have found that it has made me a much happier person, though.  The game is called Fiesta, and it's an RPG (role-playing game) and you interact with other players.  It has been great for me because I'm not so lonely in my down time anymore.  I have met a lot of really nice people, and we play the game together, and it makes me feel better when I'm low.  I am sort of thankful I found it.

SOOOO- for Christmas, I would like to tell you what I got.  My mom sent Chris and I money, which was great because we paid the electric bill, bought a steak dinner, and that is how I also fixed my laptop.  She also sent a box of goodies (candy, cookies, and raisins- don't ask, she's my mom).  The box of goodies is gone already and my behind and hips are showing it, but that's okay.  My dad and stepmom had a huge box wrapped up for us, and made us unwrap it together.  It was super heavy, and I laughed hysterically when I opened it-

It was filled with mac-n-cheese, canned soups, packages of spaghetti, and other non-perishable.  My stepmom also took time to get the bunnies something, and I was grateful for that because I wasn't able to get them anything.  So they got a big bale of hay, bag of food, some salt licks, and chew toys.  Hopefully that'll keep them from chewing on wires again (Beauty is the one that destroyed my wireless router before).

New Year's wasn't exciting.  We visited a friend and then came home to chill out.  I played my game and Chris played his.  He's been sick on and off now with a cold, and really grumpy.  I had to hit him with a frying pan earlier because he was so moody (just a joke, really- or not).  He actually attempted to cook dinner, which was nice, but I had to fix his mistakes.  Hehe.  And now I am paying for it because I took a bite of the chicken before I checked it and he didn't cook it well enough. stomach is killing me and I'm pretty sure I have food poisoning.  The bathroom is now my domain until further notice, which is why I am posting this so late. 

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed it.  However, I'm thankful it is OVER and now I can look forward to my birthday in May (18, anyone?  lol jk...OMG 25).  Chris's is in June, and we're planning to go to Vegas if we move into a different apartment complex.  He'll be the big 2-1.  Woot woot.  Finally legal.  Hope everyone's day is marvelous, and I'll try my best to update and comment more often.  No promises though, because seriously- Fiesta has come to consume my life.