Thursday, December 24, 2009

100th Post + 1

My 100th post was a sad one, so this one will be a happy one.  It is Christmas Eve, and though I am sure this Christmas will not compare to any great ones in the past, I am thankful I will at least be spending it with my family and and wonderful boyfriend and will not be alone. 

I forget to check my mail a lot because I get bills online and rarely get mail.  So when I opened my mailbox today I was surprised to see two things: first, a note saying I had a package waiting in the office, and second, a big envelope. 

The one waiting in the office was from my mom and family back in Michigan.  She sent me cookies, candy, and some peanuts (she's funny).  There was even a New Moon chocolate heart candy.  It's weird how when we lived together she couldn't even tell anyone my favorite band but now, 2,000 miles away she knows what I enjoy.  Especially since it's been a month since I've talked to her.  Anyhow, she sent me a Snoopy stuffed animal (her usual theme, Peanuts characters), and a card with spare five's and a check.  It will go towards paying electricity and also, a treat to myself (a new stick of RAM for my laptop).  I'm thankful for the fact she sent me anything, because she is also going through a hard time, because my brother and his wife have three kids and neither has a job, so she is helping them out.  I was unable to send anyone gifts, due to my financial struggles currently (also some news with that!), but I sent cards out filled with my love.

Now, the second thing was a large orange envelope.  My boyfriend says, "Oh, what is this?"  And pulls it out.  At first, I thought it was from another college or my grandma.  Then I turned it over and saw that it was neither, but a stranger I have just met.  I nearly burst into tears.  Chris asked, "Are you going to cry?"  And I laughed and said probably.

This envelope was filled with candy and a card, and some AWESOME smelling lotion (how'd you know that's my favorite??).  I read the card and started crying because of the thoughtfulness that went into.  Even right now I am trying not to cry.  I showed Chris and he was like, "Wow."  He couldn't believe it, either.  What started as a promise to exchange homemade Christmas cards (neither ended up being- I was lacking the supplies because I can't afford my usual assortment :( ), turned into something much, much more.  And to think, it's all because of this blog.

Her name is Dawn, and I met her on here.  She has been nothing but supportive (along with MANY of you), and is quite a sweetheart.  She offered to help me a little bit, which I graciously declined because...well, I have a hard time accepting things from strangers and also because I'm sort of embarrassed.  However, she sent a gift anyway, and it meant the world to me.  Chris was more in shock than I was, it was sort of funny.  He opened up the lotion bottle and said, "That smells good."  It was hilarious.

Anyhow, thank you SOOOOO much, Dawn- you alone made my Christmas bright. 

This shows that the kindness of strangers alone can sometimes be enough to make your outlook change, even if it is just a card and some taffy.