Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When Curiosity Kills The Cat

Okay, so I'm not dead. But I definitely got kicked. I moved in with my boyfriend last week. Recently I've been having problems with my phone, and he offered me his old phone to use if I need to. Today was the day for rearranging the bedroom to fit my things in better and I happened to find the box with the phone. Not even thinking about what I could find, I decided to turn the phone on to check it out. Big mistake. I ended up in the text inbox and read a couple texts I didn't need to read. I've never been big on snooping, so I was immediately ashamed but what I read disturbed me. I had to tell him. I'm sure now, that what happened was unintentional, but it made me feel insignificant. He called his last girlfriend the same nicknames he calls me, and also lied about an important piece of information. If I hadn't have been curious about a phone, the ensuing awkward day wouldn't have taken place. Things are fine now- but I'm definitely making sure to ask before I snoop next time.

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