Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our New Additions

Travis and I decided to go look at bunnies last week. I didn't ask if we could get any, but apparently he decided I didn't need to. As a few of you may remember, I had two bunnies when I lived in Phoenix- Cooper and Beauty. Unfortunately, my deadbeat ex decided to give them back to Humane Society instead of shipping them to me here after I asked him to. I was reassured by a friend that they were brought there, so they are safe. I miss them so much. No one can replace them. But these new bundles of joy are just as cute, and full of personality. I adopted them as a pair. A lady in my area took in the adult female because she was treated poorly, and she ended up having 4 babies. So I took her and a female baby to give a good home to. So far they've been great, and seem happy. If you ever want a quiet animal companion, I suggest adopting a bunny.

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