Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Stepson

I've finally been placed in a situation I'm not comfortable with and can't exactly get out of- my boyfriend has a 7 year old son. He seems to really like me and listens to me and is polite to me. The only problem is, I think he's spoiled and baby'ed. He lives with his mom, whom has let him sleep in her bed up until the last couple months, and he's got more toys than any kid I know. The main situation is, he is so used to being spoiled by his mom and her parents he gets bored when he's with us and wants to leave. My boyfriend has no extra money after child support is paid, so he can't do anything outside the house with his own son. In the end, we're left to entertain him and fail because it's just not enough. We obviously can't control what happens outside our home, so how do we get him to like coming over? Because of this, I almost dread him coming over and feel like a bad person. I finally know what both my step parents felt like with me and my brother.

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Autore said...

Crafts --- crafts are cheap. Sidewalk chalk or bake cookies with him. There are plenty of things that are fun and don't involve electronics or spending lot's of cash. Hell, pick up a couple of sticks and play army with him.

Girl Meets Gun said...

We do crafts with him every time he's over. He gets bored of them after half an hour. And we do play with him, but we aren't going to play with him ten hours a day. He should know how to play by himself. He just won't because he's nonstop entertained at his mom's house. We really want him to be able to entertain himself. It's a difficult age, unfortunately.